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 The Run-Down.

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Rebecca Lee

Rebecca Lee

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PostSubject: The Run-Down.   Wed Jan 14, 2009 11:07 pm

The Run-Down

I am speechless.
Your eyes cold, and searching still.
I'm wondering when, you'll say something,
I don't think you ever will.
I'm trying my best to hold it together,
but it's not quite working right.
My body starts to tremble,
and my hands clench into fists.
You just keep staring, like I'm something to observe,
this isn't some battle of wits.
I open my mouth,
but nothing pours,
even though in my mind there's a flood.
A flood of tears, and flood of cursing,
a never-ending chaotic mess rampaging without a care in my mind.
And yet I can't even utter one word.
It was pathetic.
I was pathetic.
I AM pathetic.
And all I wanted to do, was give you the run down.
the summary, of all the memories,
that I had been holding inside,
all those days I cried,
telling myself lies to hold myself togther.
To keep myself from crumbling to the ground.
To shatter into a thousand pathetic pieces.
I wanted to tell you,
I hated you.
The person you were, and the person you had become.
I ignored your lectures.
Because I thought that would hurt you.
I wanted to tell you that I knew you were never listening.
That it was always an interuption for you.
An inconvenience.
A disobedience.
A mistake.
I wanted to tell you,
to forget my name.
My number.
My address,
my hobbies.
my memories.
all of me.
Because it was all usless to you now.
I wanted to tell you, to just leave.
Instead of this back and forth,
this tossing and turning,
this writhing and burning,
because all you're doing,
is killing yourself,
and everyone around you.
Letting the flames lick at my neck,
and engulfing my once thought stable foundation.
I wanted to give you the run-down.
Of my pathetic opinion.
But when I opened my mouth to speak,
all I did was freeze.
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PostSubject: Re: The Run-Down.   Thu Jan 15, 2009 1:51 am

That poem gave me massive erections! I loved it! Very Happy
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The Run-Down.
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