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 Crazy shit man.

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Rebecca Lee

Rebecca Lee

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PostSubject: Crazy shit man.   Thu Jan 15, 2009 8:33 pm


I sit, above the rooftops.
Soaking into these rays of weighted glory.
Pouncing on the innocent like unsuspecting prey.
I await another day
To come and save me from this misery.
This emergency.
I scream but no one listens,
Your gleaming teeth glisten.
They sink into my flesh,
I am your most craved delusion.
In all of your confusion,
You glanced to me for your escape.
With all this pain I'm forced to break,
Under the load you put upon my shoulders.
A burden beyond all burdens,
A guilt beyond all shame.
Time and time again,
You pull me under.
Drown me in your sorrow
Must you be so cruel?
Asphyxiation may be your crime
But in all this clutter,
Do you even have the time
To glow?
Bask in your knowledge you selfish piece of greed.
On my flesh you need to feed
Guilt and fear you have to agree
As well as utter jealousy.
In all your pain, you losing hope,
Are what made you
murder me.

Rebecca Lee
07/ 18/ 08.

Okay, now for another one.

Why can't I?

I stare at the phone
Only the dial tone
I await the sound of your voice
The monotone hiss.
Sometimes I wish,
You had never said those words.
I crumble under this pressure,
Please don't stare,
I am still the same,
I am no monster,
I just cringe when I hear your name.

The tears sting my cheeks,
Days fade to weeks
I have yet to forgive.
You left me alone to pick up these pieces,
Why did you have to leave me here?
Why dad, why?
I loved you, no more could I bear.
You were just never there...
You never saw me make the stage,
You never saw me write this page.
You never heard me sing through tears
You never remember all those years.
Why'd you leave me here,
Why, dad why?

I cry, unable to figure out.
I can solve for "x",
I can read through novels,
I can run the mile,
I can count the tiles,
I can preach about the wars,
After all this time,
My brain has finally torn
Because I just can't solve it.
Why, dad why?

In your mind was it okay,
To run away from this mess,
The one mess you just couldn't clean.
I want to shake you, harder and harder,
I want to scream, louder and louder
My arms grow weak, and my throat burns like fire.
All is left to the winds
You are untouched.
My efforts are meaningless.
I, am meaningless.
Just like this home.
Just like mom.
Just like my sisters.
Just like this life.
Why, dad why?

You keep coming back,
Why I don't know.
Maybe someday, "x" will be shown
But for now I'm left here
With this bitter taste in my mouth,
Recalling you in my head.
Your funny sunglasses,
Your odd colored shirts.
Your piggyback rides,
Your elongated sighs
And how good it felt,
To hug your waist,
My arms could almost reach around.
Without a sound,
I'd look up to you,
And you'd look down,
And I knew everything would be alright.
The tears in my eyes make it hard to see
But maybe that's a sign for me
To stop this tyrade
And move on.
You did.
So why can't I?
Why, dad why?
Why can't I?

Rebecca Lee

And another one.

Let Go.

Put that song you love on repeat,
Hear the same verse.
Enjoy the same beat.
Because in the end nothing can ever be that constant.
I sit here, staring at the clock.
Too bad I can't wake up.
Too much a shame for words.
What do you do,
When there is no one you can trust?
They all look the same,
from your hands the dust,
Scatters to the breeze.
You keep going,
Never questioning the purpose,
Without a feeling,
You migrate numb,
You look without seeing,
Who you could be.
Let go of your inhibitions,
And find out where you'll be,
Just you wait,
Because you'll see,
You could never hurt me.
Let go of those who hold you back,
They'll never amount to much.
In the end you'll fly away,
Just wait,
Another day, another day,
You'll be free.
Get out of this place.
It only clips your wings,
It only steals your pride,
It only taints your innocence.
So do us all a favor,
Let go.
Just let go.
Because you never know what you'll find.
In time,
You'll begin to feel again.
Trust me.
Just let go.

Rebecca Lee

Well, what do you all think?
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PostSubject: Re: Crazy shit man.   Sat Jan 24, 2009 10:07 pm

O_O dang. you write some really good poetry. XD id RLY like to see more
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Crazy shit man.
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